Model-View-ModelController – My take on MVVM – Introduction

January 9, 2009

I’ve seen a lot of examples from guys like Josh Smith and Karl Shifflett on best practices for using MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). These are really great examples, but I have yet to find anyone doing real-world development in WPF on a LOB (line of business) application applying these principles.

I’m currently in development on a very large application and I will be writing a series of articles on the structure in which it is built including what I am calling Model-View-ModelController; a cross between MVVM and MVC. They obviously won’t entail any of the business specifics, but I want to demonstrate some of the patterns I am using to both give ideas to anyone struggling with the same issues I have and to also learn more through feedback from the community. Any and all feedback will be much appreciated.

The technologies I will be focusing on are WPF, and Linq-To-Sql. A few of the tenets I will be focusing on are

  • Views Instantiate the ModelControllers, and other Views
  • ModelControllers know NOTHING about the Views
  • ModelControllers instantiate Models and other ModelControllers
  • Models are simply DTO objects and have no knowledge of the existence of anything other than related Models

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